Stan Walker says his 'life's falling apart' as he deals with post surgery struggles

goss 16/08/2018

Stan Walker has opened up about his struggles after life-saving cancer surgery in a series of intimate Instagram story posts.

The singer says he worked out at a gym for the first time since he had his stomach removed in September, 2017 - and he paid the price for it.

"My body is actually dead," Walker says in the video.

"My body is falling apart, my life is falling apart at this very moment. I am in pain."

Walker's surgery and subsequent health complications were showcased in feature-length documentary Stan, which screened on Three in March.

Although it also catalogued his recovery journey up to his first performance since the surgery, he says it's only this week that he attempted vigorous exercise again.

"I full on worked out for the first time - a proper work out, training, I was kickboxing Muay Thai - for the first time in over a year-and-a-half," Walker says in the Instagram videos.

"I feel like I tore two of my calf muscles. I can't walk, I can't even tippy-toe. Wow.

"I thought, 'oh it's all good to jump in and go hard'. You know, can't breathe and all that sort of stuff. To top it all off, I feel like I've got heat stroke or sun stroke."

Although he is in pain in the video, he also expresses gratitude for being "in paradise".

"If you're thinking, 'Oh, you're weak and a p***y' - yeah, I am. I am. My body is in shock," Walker says.

"My body has just realised, it has to adjust to a whole new life and system of doing things."

Walker appears to be in the Cook Islands in other recent Instagram story posts.