The huge amount of work it takes to bring Pink's World Tour to NZ

goss 31/08/2018

From giant chandeliers to circus-like flying harnesses, Pink is bringing down her spectacular set when she performs in Dunedin this coming Saturday.

But have you ever wondered what it takes to move Pink's tour across the world?

Three massive planes (two 747s and one 767) carrying a set weighing close to 70 tonnes (63,502kg). That's according to 'Beautiful Trauma Tour' Production Manager Malcolm Weldon who has worked on world tours from Janet Jackson to Beyonce.

Talking to, the world tour manager says that getting the show to travel from Australia's last date in Melbourne to NZ's first show in Dunedin is a "massive thing."

Because the planes are just too big for Dunedin's airport, the set is flown to Christchurch, loaded into trucks, then driven down to Forsyth Barr.

Then the 100 people travelling with the tour, plus 130 local riggers, forklift drivers and stagehands will help build the set together. All in the space of two days.

According to the team, they've practised enough to build the whole set in nine hours. The fastest they've ever loaded it up after a show was 2 hours and 45 minutes.

But this is all worth it according to Pink.

She doesn't want anything watered down. She wants it all, everywhere.