iPhone update lets you monitor how much time you spend on your phone

parenting 27/09/2018

Apple has introduced a new feature as part of their latest software update. iPhone users can now monitor how much time they spend looking at their screens.

Time can be allocated for how long a person wants to spend on an app and reminders are prompted when the duration is almost up.

The function runs in the background of iPhones and iPads with options to activate time limits on different applications and reminders let you know how much time you have left with an app.

It is also being praised by parents who want to give their kids time on a device, but need to control that activity. 

Once family sharing is set up on the phone, parents are able to restrict their child's access to specific content as well as allocate time limits for different apps before tracking kids' device use. 

The downtime function allows users to block device use at night and choose apps that are always allowed.