J.K. Rowling confirms little known theory about Hermione's name

omg 19/09/2018

If you didn't first get introduced to Harry Potter and its magical characters by one of the many great films in the series, you may have first got introduced to the characters via J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels.

A lot of the names in the books can be tongue-twisters and hard to get your head around, and most of them you would probably have zero clue how to pronounce it.

Thankfully, in Goblet of Fire, there was a scene where Hermione’s name was spelled out phonetically, and if this was the first time you figured out how to pronounce it the right way, you weren’t the only one (even if it did take you four books to get there).

But as it turns out, this wasn’t just a coincidence - J.K. Rowling was actually using the scene as way for us to learn how to say Hermione's name properly. Of course, many suspected that’s what she was doing, but now we know for sure.

In a tweet to a fan, J.K. Rowling confirmed that the scene where Hermione teaches Victor Krum how to say her name was written so that fans would know how to say it, too.

In the passage, Krum thinks it’s “Her-my-own,” and for a start, a lot of fans intially thought this too. Then, she explains it’s “Her-my-oh-nee.” Even then, he still doesn’t get it, but it was enough for everyone to confirm the correct way to pronounce Hermione's name.

Not too long after, the Harry Potter books made the big screen and then everyone knew for sure how to say Hermione.