Married At First Sight NZ's Brett & Angel share their plans for children

goss 24/09/2018

With Married At First Sight NZ season 2 upon us, the only couple still standing from season one caught up with Woman's Day to share how life is one year on from the whirlwind of the show.

Brett and Angel revealed that they are still head over heels in love, absolutely dote over their pooch Cashew and have just purchased a house together.

As weird and wonderful as the experiment may be, the show gave us the greatest gift of all – each other," Angel told the magazine.

When Woman's Day asked the pair if growing their family of three was on the cards, both hinted that it is in the nearer future.

Let's just say the house we've bought has four bedrooms and we'll definitely be filling them. Our dog Cashew has definitely been a stepping stone for us.


"It's been great watching her with Cashew. She's loving and committed – it's a lovely look into the amazing mum I know she's going to be." Brett added.

Let's hope for some more love stories like there's out of the new season which starts Sunday, September 30th at 8.30pm on Three.