Tim Allen reveals emotional details of Toy Story 4

goss 28/09/2018

Disney Pixar films have fast become a staple in household's throughout New Zealand and the world. And back in 1995, it was Toy Story that kicked off Disney's branch into computer animation.

Toy Story kicked off a series of three movies spanning over two decades, with a fourth film currently in production. And, though not much is known about the next film in the series, actor Tim Allen, who voices Buzz Lightyear, recently teased Toy Story 4 details that will make any fan of Pixar exciting, and maybe also cause them to reach for the tissues.

While on CBS' The Talk to promote his new show, Tim Allen was asked if he had been working on Toy Story 4. He revealed that he had not only been working on it, but he shared some pretty intermit details.

"I gotta resist getting emotional, I don't want to give it away, but this is an incredibly great story. It is so emotional, it's so funny, it's so big, the idea they've come up with, I'm startled... I couldn't even get through the last scene... A couple scenes towards the end were hard to get through." he said.