Graham Norton let slip who is least favourite guest of all time is

goss 11/10/2018

During a recent Literary Festival, popular TV host Graham Norton has revealed who his least favourite guest of all time is.

Graham says the legendary actor Robert Di Niro was pretty hard work when he was on the show...

"He’s not a storyteller, or very verbal," he said.

"He’s a benign presence. Last time he started telling a story – he went on and on."

"We were all leaning in, willing it to be amazing... then he finally went, ‘why am I telling this?’ Nobody had an answer. We cut it."

But it gets even worse for Graham. He says the stars of Ocean's 8 - Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Sarah Paulson and Helena Bonham Carter also caused him a headache.

"I felt like the guy driving the bus on a hen party," Graham said.

"For 45 minutes people were talking over each other and laughing. They were having a great time but the audience was nonplussed."

Even if Graham wasn't having the best time, it certainly didn't show on TV.