Lady Gaga shares how a heartbreaking real life story helped her film 'A Star is Born'

goss 18/10/2018

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper star in the hotly anticipated film A Star is Born (out in Kiwi cinemas now). The film follows the relationship of 2 musicians. 

Sadly, last year during filming one of Lady Gaga's best friends Sonja Durham passed away after a battle with cancer.

Speaking to Zane Lowe from Apple, the star spoke about how the loss of her friend helped her with filming a pivotal scene in the movie. In the scene, Gaga performs the song 'I’ll Never Love Again'. 

*The following may contain spoilers for A Star is Born

“It’s very special,” she said. “On that day, my friend Sonja who had been battling cancers for years, her friend called me and I could hear (Sonja) moaning in the background. And they said she’s not doing well and I thought she was dying, so I left the set.

“I can’t believe I didn’t even stop to see Bradley, and I got in my car and started driving, and I missed her by 10 minutes.”

“I laid with her and her husband and stepson for a little while … then I looked her husband, her widower, in the eyes and said, ‘I don’t know what to do.’ He said, ‘You’ve gotta do what Sonja would want you to do.’ She loved being a performer and she loved working in music,”

“She gave me a tragic gift that day, and I took it with me and went back to set, and sang that song for (Cooper’s character) Jackson, and for her. On that very same day, within an hour,”

Judging by what we've heard and seen of Gaga's performance we're sure she did her friend proud!