MAFS AU star Tracey Jewel reveals struggle with PTSD after the show

goss 01/10/2018

Tracey Jewel was one of the brides on last years controversial Married At First Sight Australia. On the show we witnessed her turbulent relationship with groom Dean Wells that gained lots of backlash across Australasia, and saw Tracey get lots of abuse by not only online trolls, but the public too.

While the reality star knew a little bit about what she was getting herself into when she signed up to Channel 9's show, she didn't expect the amount of hate she got and after broadcasting wrapped, Tracey developed a disorder where she found she got intense anxiety when it came to going outside as she was scared she would be recognized and she found she couldn't be alone. 

It was in March this year that she was diagnosed with PTSD.

Speaking to Australian new site Mamamia, Tracey revealed that although she is doing a lot better now, after the show wrapped she was offered no support from the producers.

“I made the producers aware of the social media getting out of control and my subsequent anxiety issues and they didn’t offer me any help,”

"I advised them I couldn’t work and that I was needing mental health care and still no offer of help, only to continue to see someone,” she told Mamamia.

During the show, Tracey found that she could handle the obtuse and snarky comments she recieved on social media, but it was after the show that the hate and abuse really affected her mental health.

“I was able to cope just fine regarding the filming and airing of the show. It was when the media and social media [started] personally attacking me with allegations that were untrue and unfounded that took its toll on my mental health, and I couldn’t repair the damage,” she told the newsite.

Tracey revealed that the help she got after the show cost her upwards of several thousand dollars, and she had to for it out of her own pocket.