Pink's daughter Willow rushed to hospital after playground accident

goss 01/11/2018

Pink's daughter Willow was recently rushed to hospital after a playground accident in which she sprained her arm.

"Monkey bars from hell. ER convos with my soulchild. She's fine. Her fave part of all of this is that she doesn’t have to do her chores." Pink wrote on her Instagram account.

Her fans were quick to send love Willow's way.

"I feel like monkey bars are the bane of every childhood. But I’m so glad to hear she is fine" wrote one person.

Pink's husband Carey Hart also shared another picture of Willow standing out the front of the emergency rooms.

"Willz has her first ER trip today due to a crash and burn on the monkey bars. She is tough as nails and left with a sprain." he wrote.

We're pleased that she managed to escape without any damage more serious!