Which Married at First Sight NZ couples stayed together?

goss 23/10/2018

The experiment is over and the vow renewals have been shared!

Which couples made it out of the experiment still together? And which ones split before the final decision?

Watch the episodes on Three Now, or find out who's still with their partners below:

Monique & Fraser

At Vow Renewal: Both said yes, but split after.

Despite admitting they were struggling with their feelings for each other, the two both wished to give things a go outside the experiment. When they got to the real world, they realised the spark wasn't there and told the others at the dinner party that they were only friends. However, Monique joked that if they were both still single at 34, the two would get married (again).

Ksenia & Wayne
Didn't make it to Vow Renewal.
The couple struggled from the get go, and the two both called it quits at the final commitment ceremony. Ksenia said Wayne didn't take a photo of her under a tree, and of course there was no way the relationship could recover from there...

Ottie & Gareth
Didn't make it to Vow Renewal.
The biggest struggle the couple faced was Ottie not wanting kids, while Gareth did. At the final commitment ceremony, Ottie voted to leave, however Gareth was still willing to stay.

Julia & Dave
At Vow Renewal: Both said no.
While they made it to the vow renewal, Julia said to Dave she only saw a friendship in Dave. Dave on the other hand told Julia that she wasn't his dream woman, and had stayed longer in the experiment than he had wanted to, because she "begged" him to stay. Ouch.

Samuel & Tayler
Didn't make it to Vow Renewal, but got back together.
After the final commitment ceremony, but before the Vow Renewal, Samuel told Tayler that he felt it was better that the relationship ended before it got to the vows. And Tayler accepted his decision, saying he felt that it was better both avoided trying to "force" their relationship further. It seemed to have worked, as once they were out of the experiment, the "pressure" was off. The two shared at the reunion dinner party that they were in fact in a relationship again.

Yuki & Dan
At Vow Renewal: Both said yes.
Our season's favourite loved-up couple admit that the distance living in separate cities may make it difficult, but the happiness they share when they're together is too good to let go of. Aww!

There's still one episode to go - what will be revealed when the remaining couples get to the reunion therapy session?