10 Things you probably didn't know about 'A Star Is Born'

goss 07/11/2018
This article contains spoilers for A Star Is Born
A Star is Born is one of our favourite films of 2018 - it's been hugely successful with audiences too! But how many of these facts did you know?
  1. The now iconic line Bradley Cooper says to Lady Gaga’s character out his car window has appeared in every version of the film. The line is - "I just wanted to take another look at you.”
  2. Bradley Cooper cast his own adorable dog in the movie!
  3. The movie was filmed at real life music festivals. But they played the songs without any sound so the music wasn’t leaked before the film’s released.
  4. Lady Gaga recorded the final scene for the movie on the same day her best friend died from breast cancer. She used her real life pain to mourn the death of her on screen husband.
  5. The movie received an 8 minute standing ovation when it first opened.
  6. When Lady Gaga sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" at the start of the movie, she is doing so to pay respect to Judy Garland who starred in a previous version of the film.
  7. Just like his character, Bradley Cooper struggled with drug and alcohol addiction throughout his 20s. He is now sober.
  8. When Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga first met she was singing "La Vie en Rose" - a song that features near the start of the film.
  9. At the start of the movie, Bradley Cooper’s character drives past a  rainbow billboard that’s covered in nooses. This foreshadows how his character passes at the end of the movie.
  10. The huge success of the film’s soundtrack has made Lady Gaga the first woman to get 5 number 1 albums in the US in a single decade.

Source: MamaMia