Bradley Cooper almost cast this musican to play Jackson Maine rather than himself in A Star Is Born

goss 26/11/2018

A Star Is Born is fast heading to awards season, and along with Bohemian Rhapsody, it is expected to pick up a lot of nominations.

Lady Gaga is tipped to win an Oscar at this year's ceremony after her incredible career reinvention from pop princess to outstanding actress, and cementing herself as one of the most incredible musicians of our time. But, Gaga owes a lot of her recent success to Bradley Cooper.

Bradley not only stars in the film, but also wrote and directed it.

But it has been revealed that Bradley Cooper almost didn't cast himself in the film.

It turns out Cooper's initial idea was to cast a real musician, and that musician was Jack White.

Jack White is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is best known as the lead singer and guitarist of the duo The White Stripes. And while the aging-rocker seems like an odd choice to play Jackson Maine, he was reportedly Bradley Cooper's first choice.

Speaking to Variety, Cooper said his first instinct was not to cast himself.

I saw this other person that I wanted to do this, who is an actual musician. But (the studio) wouldn’t make the movie with him.

It makes sense that Cooper didn't initially want to cast himself as a lead in the film. He was already writing the script and was pegged to direct the film too. He is also not a trained musician, so when he finally decided that he was fit for the role of Jackson Maine, he had to train up - learning to play guitar from scratch and how to use his voice.

He dedicated a lot of time to learning how to be a professional musician as casting himself against a pro like Gaga risked having the character of Jackson Maine look like an amateur, when in fact he's supposed to be the expert.