Pink hits back at people who criticised her for sharing video of her son crying

goss 26/11/2018

Pink has (accidentally) started a heated debate online after posting a picture of her 2 year old son Jameson having a swimming lesson.

In the video, Jameson can be seen with his tutor as her learns to swim - he's clearly not too happy about it though as starts crying.

While most of Pink's fans didn't read too much into it, others branded the video 'cruel' and one even added they 'couldn’t upset their child like that'.

Pink being Pink wasn't going to take the criticism lying down! The star promptly shut them down...

"My daughter started at 6 months. Cried every day for five days. Then I took her again at 18 months. Cried every day. Again at 2 1/2. Screamed bloody murder." she wrote

"My hands were shaking. On the way to the car she said 'mama, that was so much fun.' I was like, 'WHAT?!' Now, she swims like an actual fish, and she loves it. And I no longer worry about her every second she’s in the water."

"My son, this is his first lesson. But when he is also safe in the water and knows how to swim out of a pool without panicking, or knows how to roll over and lay on his back, Believe me sweetie, you’re the last person I’ll be thinking of. Swimming should be safe first, and then fun."

She certainly put the haters in their place!