Former Block NZ winner makes a return to the show after Ben gets stood down

The Block NZ 30/07/2018

MediaWorks has confirmed Blue Team member Ben Speedy will be stood down this week on The Block NZ following an on-set incident that left him injured.

"Ben is involved in an incident this week which sees him put him out for a while and Tom minus a team mate," a spokesperson for MediaWorks said.

Sam and Emmett - Winners from The Block NZ 2016

The winner of 2016's season of The Block NZ, Emmett Vallender, will partner with remaining Blue Team member Tom in order to complete this week's challenge.

Ben was hurt while "sneaking into the girl's house at night", and it appears he has been left out of action with a bandaged nose as a result.

Rumours have swirled of potential romance between single lads Ben and Tom and Purple Team members Chlo Hes and Emily Blanchett since the show started.

Speaking to Woman's Day, Ben and Tom dismissed the idea, saying they were "just friends" with the girls.

Newshub was told the show's foreman, Peter 'Wolfy' Wolfkamp, was "not happy" with either of the teams involved in the incident.

Ben was recently embroiled in another drama involving the Purple Team, when he saved Chlo from choking during an on-set dinner, by performing the Heimlich maneuver.

The Block NZ screens on Three Sunday - Tuesday nights and is also viewable on ThreeNow.