Boy who played Jesse in 'Free Willy' is all grown up

goss 25/01/2019

One of the biggest movies from the 90's, Free Willy, still holds a place in many people's hearts. It was a film that told that tale of orphan Jesse who has to work at the park after vandalizing it. Jesse meets Willy, the young orca who is an orphan just like him. The pair form an unbreakable bond. The movie is one of those films that make you well up.

Jason James Richter was the lucky kid who scored the role of Jesse in Free Willy, and also appeared in the two sequels.

While Jason was only young when he starred in the films, he is now about to turn 39.

Jason is still active in the film and TV industry despite receiving 36 months probation in 2018 over a vandalism charge and being sentenced to four days in a LA county jail.

He has appeared in a number of independent films and other productions.