Pink hits back at critics who call her 'too polarising' in honest post

goss 28/01/2019

Pink has taken to her Instagram account to respond to her critics, haters and those who have judges her for honestly sharing her thoughts.

The honest post has been liked by her fans hundreds of thousands of times with many of them agreeing with the sentiment.

You can read Pink's post in full below...

"I am the same girl I’ve always been. I have always admitted when I am wrong. I have apologized many times. I’m a big believer in apologies when you’re wrong. I was raised by a Vietnam Veteran who taught me to stand up for what I believe to be right. Even if that means standing alone.

I do not now, nor have I ever apologized for some of my very polarizing opinions. If you are surprised by this or offended, you have every right to unfollow me, as you really don’t know who I am.

I am mostly peace and love, with a little bit of go **** yourself. So when you keyboard warriors (anonymous tough guys) threaten me? that middle finger is pointed at you. Again: the unfollow button is (I think) top right of your screen. It lets you unfollow people you find make you uncomfortable. It’s great. It really works.

This country is broken right now in a lot of ways. It makes me very angry and sad. We all remind me of my parents right before their divorce when they could no longer even speak to each other with anything less than hatred and vitriol. It’s tragic. And we’re all to blame.

There are many beautiful people in the world and in this country who want equality for all. Justice. For people to be paid for their work. For their leaders to communicate in productive ways. For children to have respect for others, for veterans to be honored and treated with respect.

These are the ideals my father raised me with. And you all cannot talk me out of it. No matter what vile things you say about me and my husband and my children. Onwards and upwards. Keep fighting the good fight."