Worst of the heatwave hitting NZ still to come say experts

NZ 30/01/2019

Most of the country has already felt the heat from the huge heatwave that has made it's way over from Australia in recent days - But Kiwis seeking a cooler couple of days may have to wait a bit longer!

An expert from NIWA has said the worst is yet to come. He says that we can expect temperatures to really ramp up again from today onwards.

"Thursday is probably going to be the warmest day so that 36degC to 37degC range seems possible," he told Newshub.

"The hottest temperature we've seen so far during this heatwave is 35.3degC in Blenheim, so it is quite possible that we see temperatures exceeding that mark as we head into tomorrow."

A video posted to Twitter by NIWA shows how temperatures across New Zealand will be in the "above average" category.

Mr Noll said it's unlikely that even the hottest part of New Zealand could reach 40deg, the likes of which have been seen in Australia, which is grappling with its hottest January on record.

In New Zealand, the hottest areas on Wednesday and Thursday will be in north Canterbury and central Otago, according to Mr Noll.

"Areas north of Christchurch could be candidates for the warmest temperatures - places like Hamner Springs and then further south in interior parts of Otago like Cromwell or Alexandra," he said.

"These places could exceed 35degC in the coming days."

The heatwave will wrap up in the South Island by Friday night, he said, and those temperatures will then decline as we go into Saturday.