Fans suspect Frozen 2 trailer reveals exciting news for Elsa

goss 15/02/2019

When Disney released the new trailer for Frozen 2, 6 whole years after the first Frozen, the whole world went bezerk. While some were super excited about the film, others had only just finished getting 'Let It Go' out of their heads.

Disney and Frozen megafans all analyzed the new trailer, with most curious about the autumnal-theme that seems to be throughout it, and how Olaf hasn't melted with the season change. But, other eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Elsa's love interest may be lurking in the trailer.

Last year, Jennifer Lee who is the director of Frozen, discussed the possibility of Elsa being the first (openly) LGBTQ+ Disney princess and how she wanted to chart new territory with the character.

Given that 2013’s Frozen had two love interests for Anna and none for Elsa, audiences were left disheartened that Elsa’s heart wasn’t thawed by a potential partner.

But there may be hope in Frozen 2 for someone to win over Elsa's icy heart.

But, other Frozen fans have a different idea about who the mysterious girl may be.

EIther way, we are so excited to this new film!