Fans of 90's boyband Hanson are shocked after they reveal fact about themselves

goss 13/02/2019

'MMMbop' by Hanson was one of the best songs everyone bopped around to back in the 90's, and while that song was not the only song they have made, it was by far their biggest and most well-known hit. 

Hanson has been continuing to make music, right up until present day, but for a lot of people Hanson had completely dropped off of the radar. 

In the last year or so, the three brothers have been trying to muster up some form of a comeback and have been touring the world.

To discuss their current projects, they appeared on a talk show and one thing they revealed about themselves left a lot of viewers shocked.

The three Hanson brothers now have thirteen kids between them.

"We have 13 children - we all three have ten-year-old sons. All the kids get on as we spend a lot of time together touring and in the studio," they said.

Isaac, 38, has three children - Nina Odette, who is four, James Monroe, nine and Clarke Everett, who is 11.

Taylor, 35, has six children - Jordan Ezra, who is 15, Penelope Anne, 13-years-old, River Samuel, 12, Viggo Moriah, 9, Wilhelmina Jane, as well as two-month-old Claude Indiana Emmanuel.

Zac, the youngest of the three at 33, has four kids - 10-year-old John Ira Shepherd, Junia Rosa Ruth, 7-years-old, George Abraham Walker who is four and 18-month-old Mary Lucille Diana.

The revelation has left a lot of people feeling very old!