Hilary Barry calls out her online 'body-shamers' in recent post

goss 08/02/2019

Hilary Barry has proved time and time again that she is not one to mess with, especially if you plan to online bully her. However one Kiwi woman decided to push her luck with a body-shaming comment directed at Hilary.

The troll comment on one of Hilary's Facebook posts saying: "Check out those thighs... omg who is dressing these people,"

Without missing a beat, the TV presenter called out the troll on her Instagram, sharing a close up of her thighs and the Facebook comment she replied with that read: "Hey Glenys, here's a closeup of my thighs. I can send you a framed copy if you like, just reply with your address. Cheers, Hilary."

She captioned the post "I’m comfortable in my own body and I hope you all are too.
Let’s be proud of our thighs and hips and bums and bumpy bits.
Heaven forbid they should be seen on tv."

Many people jumped into Hilary's comment section praise how she handled the situation with the online troll.

"Love it Hilary. Well done. Too many ugly trolls online ... Btw I would kill to have thighs like yours!"

"You rock. I'm sharing this with my 12-year old girl. Thanks for the positive reinforcement and for sharing," one said.