Half of this year's Married At First Sight Australia contestants are 'actors'

goss 07/03/2019

Half of the cast of this year's season of Married At First Sight Australia have experience as actors, according to a media report that has photos and videos to support its claims.

The Daily Mail claims the images it's posted prove at least seven of the participants in the reality TV show have previously worked as actors in scripted TV shows and advertisements.

The tabloid alleges Channel Nine hired the talent to join the cast and gave them fake job titles.

According to the article, three out of the four 'intruders' that joined the show this week also work as actors. Billy Vincent can be seen playing a surfer in a McDonald's advertisement from 2012, while his wife Susie Bradley appeared in a YouTube spot for fitness company Peptides Direct earlier this year.

Tamara Joy, another new addition to the show, appears to have had a now-deleted profile on acting website StarNow, where she is listed as an actor, extra and model under a different last name, Laing. 

Several of the show's original cast members have already featured on-screen, too; including Melissa Lucarelli and Sam Ball, who have both starred as extras in Home And Away.

Melissa's MAFS AU match Dino Hara has worked on a host of different acting projects, including a 2017 campaign for glasses company Speqs, where he appeared opposite another MAFS AU star, Jessika Power.



The Daily Mail also published footage it says shows 43-year-old contestant Mike Gunner playing a criminal in an unnamed action film, and photos said to be of fellow groom Bronson Norrish modelling in a restaurant advert.