Cadbury and Watties pair up for Tomato Sauce Chocolate

NZ 01/04/2019

First, it was a Tip Top & Watties Tomato Sauce Ice Cream...Now, it's tomato sauce and chocolate!

The infatuation for tomato sauce over everything has continued with the newest announcement Cadbury will pair up with Watties to create a milk chocolate bar with a gooey tomato sauce centre.

"Creating new Kiwi classics with chocolate and tomato sauce!" their Facebook post wrote.

The combination has, of course, brought some comments online, both from those who aren't sure of the pairing, and those who are open to having a taste.

"Can't see why anyone would want to pay good money for this monstrosity," Wyatt Lai posted.

"I can only image buying this for my chocolate obsessed husband!" Fay King wrote.

It wouldn't be the first time that Cadbury has launched a bizarre chocolate block, as previously their Vegemite chocolate raised some eyebrows in Australia.

The chocolate bars will be in supermarkets, convenience stores and dairies from April 1st.

Just kidding! The above story is completely and utterly untrue. But feel free to share this story with all your friends and family to see if they will fall for it!