Courteney Cox hilariously leaves 'Friends' fans horrified with weird photo

goss 04/04/2019

It's no secret that Courteney Cox has one of the best celebrity Instagram's out there. After she recently posted a hilarious video of her recreating the 'PIVOT!' scene in Friends, she is back at it again with another Friends related post.

Although this one is still humourous, it does take your brain a second or two to adjust.

The photo Courteney posted shows six doppelgangers of the Friends cast. Eeriely, they all look pretty convincing and would make you look twice if you were walking past them down the street.

Fans had mixed emotions about the image.

"From top left to bottom right: Pherbe, Rochelle, Monáka, Drew, Ron, and Chandler" one user wrote.

"Won’t be there for you...😂" another said.