Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey try to convince fans that they're having a baby

goss 02/04/2019

Looks like Justin & Hailey Bieber are having a baby!

Or are they?

Fans are unsure whether to celebrate the Bieber's new baby or admit that they have played a very good April Fool's joke.

Justin Bieber shared a photo of a scan of the couples new baby to his Instagram on April Fools (US Time).

But then Justin Bieber backed the scan up with a photo of Hailey and some apparent 'medical professionals' - captioning the post: 'If U thought it was April fools'.

And while the second image was enough to earn loads of congratulations from fans, many were still a little apprehensive to congratulate the couple due to it being the 1st of April.

Just minutes later Justn Bieber confirmed that the baby scans were in fact a joke. Much to the disgust of many.