Mike McRoberts thrills fans with his upbeat Dancing With The Stars debut

goss 16/04/2019

Mike McRoberts has made his Dancing with the Stars NZ debut, and he didn't disappoint.

After joking about his jealousy of colleague Samantha Hayes, who won the last season, McRoberts took to the floor for a foxtrot that made the most of his famously suave, smooth manner.

Dancing to 'Grace Kelly' by Mika, the 6pm anchor was a commanding figure as he led partner Kristie Williams around. The pair even broke out into a short cabaret-inspired routine, brandishing canes they picked up from the sides of the studio floor.

McRoberts let his trademark composed smirk fall a few times as he delivered winks and excited facial expressions down the camera.

The performance was even more impressive because he's still recovering from a knee injury.

"New Zealand wasn't ready for the abs, but I don't think we were ready for that foxtrot either!" judge Julz Tocker said, a reference to the now-famous Instagram post in which McRoberts showed off his impressive physique.

He said the routine was classy and controlled, and said he was impressed to see the newsreader step out from behind the desk and show more of his personality.

Rachel White said McRoberts "ticked all the boxes" with a consistent and clean dance, but wants him to "dance to impress and express".

"But Mike, we aren't reading the news here," she continued. "We want to see your expressions, we want to see your emotions, and I want to see the real Mike."

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup said she was underwhelmed up until McRoberts grabbed his cane.

"That's the guy I want to see dance, so please bring him back."

Overall the pair received two 6s and a 7 for a total score of 19.

The next episode of DWTS NZ will air at 7:30pm, Monday on Three. Watch the full episode again on ThreeNow.