Pink gets emotional after internet trolls bully her and her kids

goss 23/04/2019

Pink guest starred on The Ellen Show and got candid talking about her family, specifically her two kids Willow & Jameson.

Pink is well known for calling out haters and internet trolls when they question or bully her and her husband Carey's parenting, but after a recent photo saw her get hammered in the comments section, Pink has announced she will not be posting her kids on social media anymore.

The most recent photo to make Pink decide to pull her kids from her social media was due to her son wandering around without pants on. 

"I have a two year old, two year old's don't like to wear wet swim diapers" Pink told Ellen after Ellen asked about the amount of hate Pink recieved on that photo.

"At some point he took them off... We live on a farm, my kids are naked it's what happens."

Pink went on to say some of the nasty things that were in the comments section of the post, revealing that someone even went as far to say that child services should be called.