Amy Schumer criticised for going back to work too early after childbirth

goss 22/05/2019

2 weeks ago Amy Schumer gave birth to her first child and now she's already back at work!

The comedian posted a photo of herself in the middle of a stand-up routine with the caption 'I'm back' - but she probably didn't expect the response she got...

It didn't take long after posting the pic for critics to acuse Amy of going back to work too soon after childbirth.

"I’m sorry. What?! Didn’t you birth a human like 5 minutes ago?" one person wrote.

"Already? That’s insane! Contract or not you need to be allowed *time off* for maternity." added another.

Others harshly questioned if Amy's wounds would've properly healed since the birth.

But not everyone saw the issue, with many praising her 'go get em' attitude.

"You are a rock star. I bet it felt amazing to be back up there." a fan praised.

Someone else wrote a bit more sarcastically "This just in: woman gives birth, then within weeks leaves the house and stands up for 30 mins surrounded by friends making people laugh. The horror!"

Regardless what Amy's critics say - we're sure she and her partner are doing what they think is best for their family!