Amy Schumer goes viral with her candid breast-milk pumping pic

goss 20/05/2019

Amy Schumer has been making waves online since the arrival of her newborn son with a series of Instagram posts.

The comedian's honest and frank approach to motherhood has really struck a cord and her latest post continues the trend.

Amy uploaded a photo of herself breast pumping which has been widely praised online. "Guys what are we doing tonight?" the star wrote...

People praised Amy for helping to lift some stigma around breastfeeding.

"You’re just so great. One day, I hope we work together." actress Lindsay Lohan replied.

"Love you and your unapologetic realness. Thank you." another fan added.

"Best days of your life, you’ll look back and miss it like crazy and want it back so much and love it even more the next time round." commented a fellow mum.

Fans of Amy's open approach to parenting will be thrilled to see the star shows no signs of slowing down her Instagram posts.