Dancing With The Stars NZ judges send home fan favourite after tense dance off

goss 13/05/2019

Newshub reader and "NZ's Silver Fox" Mike McRoberts was tonight's eliminated contestant on Dancing with the Stars NZ.

The shock result saw Mike and partner Kristie, and William Waiirua with partner Amelia face the bottom two in the first male dance-off for the season. Mike and Kristie's 80's  themed quickstep had a few noticeable miss-steps, with all three judges saying the quality of dance could not stand up to William's.

Fans were quick to take to Twitter to voice their disappointment in the bottom two, with neither competitor holding the lowest scores for the season.

After his elimination, Mike thanked his partner Kristie, supporters, and paid a special mention to his mum in the audience.

"I wouldn't have swapped it for anything. To get rid of the control of the news, and just really push myself out there has been the most amazing experience."

"My mum's here tonight, so she can tuck me in later on and tell me a nice story," he joked, as his mum wearing a '#TeamMike' t-shirt smiled on.

Mike's elimination follows Jude Dobson, Carolyn Taylor, and Anna Wilcox, with now eight contestants remaining in the celebrity dance competition.

The next episode of DWTS NZ will air on Sunday at 7pm on Three. The full episode can be watched again on ThreeNow.