Kelly Clarkson performed at the Billboard Music Awards while having appendicitis

goss 06/05/2019

Imagine hosting a 3-hour music awards show in front of millions of TV viewers, and then singing twice, while suffering from appendicitis pains.

That's exactly what Kelly Clarkson did when she hosted the Billboard Music Awards last week!

The singer cut her celebrations short when she was flown straight from the Las Vegas awards ceremony to a Los Angeles medical clinic to get her appendix removed.

The 37-year-old had been dealing with appendicitis all week, which at the end of the show, caused her to cry in pain.

“Not gonna lie…. I may or may not have broken down in tears after the show from pain BUT thanks 2 all the amazing people @ Cedars-Sinai I flew home directly after the event, nailed the surgery early this morning, & feeling awesome now!” she wrote.

“Bye bye appendix #TheShowMustGoOn” she happily added.

That's a true professional! Check out her amazing performance of 'Broken & Beautiful' in the video above.