Kristen Bell shares why her and her husband go to relationship therapy

goss 15/05/2019

Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard are considered by many to be a bit of a 'power-couple', but that doesn't mean they don't actively work on their relationship.

In an interview with HelloGiggles, Kristen revealed that the pair have been in relationship therapy since quite early on in their relationship.

"We went to a therapist really early, not necessarily because we hated each other, but because we wanted to better handle the opposition we were feeling," the actress said.

"It was the best thing we ever could have done, so we’re very candid about how much we believe in therapy, because we are polar opposites."

“We’re opposites in literally every way you could imagine. He loves junk food, I’m a health nut. We watch Frontline and 60 Minutes every week together—we always come out rooting for someone else.”

"He describes us like this," she went on to say.

"When someone passes us on the street, I turn back and I go, 'That might be the person that cures cancer.' And he turns back and goes, 'That guy better not have grabbed my wallet.' There's never been a better description of who we are. And yet, his protective instincts are needed sometimes, and my naïveté is stupid sometimes. And then other times, his suspicion is not warranted and my belief in other people lifts them up. So we really balance each other."

Their theory seems to be working well for them so far, hopefully their happiness continues for years to come!