Taron Egerton reveals the reason Elton John emails him every single day

goss 30/05/2019

Rocketman is officially out in cinemas and so far the film has pretty much collected only rave reviews. 

But despite all the good feedback, Taron Egerton who plays Sir Elton John in the film, has admitted that he tries to steer clear of reading reviews.

But, Elton is the complete polar opposite.

"So I try to avoid reviews" Taron said to Jimmy Kimmel in a recent interview.

"But Elton sends me them every day. Every day. I mean he’s sort of vetting my reviews, I’m sure there are bad ones that he’s not sending, but yeah. He emails them to me. It’s the same title every time, ‘And another one’."

Taron Egerton and the legendary Elton John have become very close over the course of making the biopic film Rocketman.