Comedian Laura Daniel earns the first perfect score on Dancing With the Stars NZ

goss 09/06/2019

It's one more week until the finale, and comedian/actress Laura Daniel is definitely winning over the judges after earning the first perfect score of the season.

Laura and her partner Shae performed a flawless paso doble to Lady Gaga's 'Judas', but admitted she had been nervous about their dance after fellow constestants Mike McRoberts, Walter Neilands and K'Lee were all heavily criticised for their paso performances. 

However, the judges had no criticisms to add, with judge Julz Tocker so excited by the performance, he jumped onto the judges' table and pointed how perfect their dance was.

Laura scored three 10s from the three judges, making it the third week she had received a ten, and the only one to receive a perfect score.

Tomorrow's episode will see all the contestants complete a second dance for the week, before the elimination decides which four contestants will move on to the final.