Comedian Miranda Hart 'dances' in honest weight gain post

goss 11/06/2019

British comedian Miranda Hart would have "berated, judged and bullied" herself for her weight gain in the past.

But this time, she's dancing. 

Why? The 46-year-old posted on Instagram an honest "word on weight gain", sharing that she had gained weight, and "cannot fit in to any trousers".

But as she quite happily wears her sarong and dances to Alanis Morissette's “If I Would Be Good," she shares that she's focused on positivity.

"Today I dance to celebrate the fact that I am kindly accepting myself with [my body]," the Miranda star wrote.

"I acknowledge it has only positives. It teaches in the moment acceptance and self-compassion. It tells a story."

She also shared that it reminded her of her values, and the reasons why she wants to get back to a slimmer frame "because fitness, adventure, tennis, swimming, walking, cycling are important joys that feed my soul and my focus is fitness for them."

"Not to look a certain way due to comparison, cultures ridiculous ‘rules’, a desire to fit in or to bully myself into a shape that is not my true self."

"But sometimes we need reminding of the obvious and the need to gently, lovingly come home to ourselves and switch of that bullying voice."

And in perfect Miranda-style, she also jokes that the weight gain has helped her celebrate her bust size.

Obviously the most important thing is to celebrate having large breasticles that mean when you roll over they may just clap. Clapping your beauty!

Fans praised her response, though some did ask why she said she wanted to return to a slimmer frame in order to do the things she enjoys.

"Because the weight means I can’t be at the fitness and lightness of movement to fully love those things," Miranda responded in the comments section. "And because I am naturally and genetically slim so I want to honour my true self."

"The weight gain has brilliantly shown me the road to my true self even more as I hate being unfit. It’s fitness not looks. I want to be able to play tennis at a level I can run around which I can’t at the moment. I want to protect my back and knees with more muscle tone. I want to prevent injuries so I have a longevity of enjoyment."