Former Hi-5 star auditions for The Voice Australia

goss 07/06/2019

Those who are familar with the early days of Hi-5 will recognise one of the recent contestants on The Voice Australia.

Former Hi-5 star Nathan Foley made a surprise return to many's TV screens when he gave an electric performance of '80s classic "Footloose" on the talent show.

While Nathan left the group in 2008, he proved he is still well and truly able to sing.

"I bumped into a girl [recently] who grew up watching me on TV when I was a kid, and she says, 'Where have you been? I haven't seen you for like 10 years. Have you given up on singing?'" Foley said on the show. "That really made the big decision in my head just to get out there and say, ‘Look, I'm still here,' and show who Nathan Foley really is."

Delta Goodrem was the first coach to turn her chair for Nathan, excitedly dancing on her feet throughout his performance, with Boy George spinning around at the last second. Ultimately, Nathan chose to be Team Delta.

"Delta's lovely, she's very truthful, she's very upfront, she's just real," he told Who. "I love real people. I'm not completely into fake or two-faced people, and I think she generates a lot of honesty and truth."