Harry Styles fails to dodge Michelle Obama's painful throw in US vs UK dodgeball game

goss 20/06/2019

Hitting him in the 'One Direction' that hurts the most!

When James Corden proposed a game of dodgeball with former US First Lady, Michelle Obama, he probably was not prepared for the powerful women that he would be facing.

Michelle's all-female American team was made up of popular actresses Melissa McCarthy, Alison Janney, Mila Kunis, Lena Waithe and Kate Hudson. James's UK team featured 'One Direction' member Harry Styles, Benedict Cumberbatch, John Bradley and "Late Late Show" band leader Reggie Watts.

"You would not believe how easy it was to get people to do this," Michelle said. "All I had to say was, 'you're going to throw a ball at James Corden.'"

In the fierce first round of the game, Brit Harry Styles was left on his own on the court against a team of women, and it was Michelle's fierce throwing hand that sent one dodgeball straight into Harry's most sensitive jewels...

But when the UK team took one point in the second round of the game, it left it all on the line for the decisive third round.

Watch what happens in the video above!