Jennifer Lawrence hilariously tries to pick a fight with Amy Schumer's newborn

goss 24/06/2019

If you've ever had a new baby, then you know time spent socialising with your friends turns into a real luxury. So does being able to keep your eyes open past 10pm.

Comedian Amy Schumer had her first child just a couple of months ago and it seems that the struggle of staying up late and having time for your friends is all to real for her too!

A recent Instagram story that the new mum shared to her followers highlights just how much life can change with a baby in tow, reports the Indy100.

The relatable exchange of messages started with Jennifer Lawrence texting Amy Schumer late at night to ask an important question: "You up? I have questions about Handmaids Tale. It's an emergency."

When Amy didn't respond back, Jennifer Lawrence sent a few more follow up texts trying to get her attention before giving up and hilariously poking fun at the fact that Amy's newborn is taking up too much of her time. 

"Are you asleep bc of the baby? Are you asleep before 11? Is this bc of the baby? Don't make me resent the baby"

Fans loved the exchange that showed the relateble sides of being the new mum, and the best friend of the new mum.