Kristen Stewart kicks butts in new Charlie's Angels movie reboot

goss 28/06/2019

Actress Kristen Stewart may be best known for her Twilight vampire days, but she's ready to fight as a spy for the new Charlie's Angels reboot.

The first trailer shows the first glimpse of the November 2019 film, which also features co-stars Naomi Scott (known from the latest Aladdin film) and Ella Balinska as the other "angels".

'Pitch Perfect' actress Elizabeth Banks, who fills the role of Bosley, also acts as director for the film.

And similar to the 2000s version of Charlie's Angels film (which was reimagined from the 1970s TV series), you can expect super-spy toys, wigs, disguises and a lot of kick-butt moments.

See if you can spot the throwbacks to the previous angels in the first movie trailer above.