Lady Gaga swears while addressing fans over Bradley Cooper's new relationship status

goss 10/06/2019

News broke earlier this week that after a tough wee while, Bradley Cooper had split from his wife and mother of his child, Irina Shayk.

The news followed Lady Gaga publicly addressing her split with her fiance for the very first time.

Both Gaga & Cooper had been shrouded by rumours that they had a real-life off-screen romance that stemmed from their incredible chemistry on A Star Is Born.

According to The Sun, during Lady Gaga's Saturday night performance in Las Vegas, the singer blasted fans who asked her where Cooper was, amid speculation she played a part in the actor's breakup with Irina Shayk last week.

Before performing the hit single, Shallow, Gaga said: "One more thing, be kind or f**k off."