Manu Vatuvei accidentally pushes his dance partner to fall on Dancing With the Stars NZ

goss 10/06/2019

It took only a split second for ex-rugby league star Manu Vatuvei to realise he had pushed his partner Loryn Reynolds a bit too hard that she fell over during their first dance on Dancing with The Stars NZ.

During the semi-final episode, Manu and professional dance partner Loryn were first to perform in a difficult, two-dance week. And while Manu's solo Tongan and Samoan inspired dance went off without a hitch, it was a quick fall to the floor as in one move, Loryn trips backwards in Manu's powerful force, and slides across the stage.

However, just as fast as she fell and he noticed, the two were quick to recover and finish the rest of their 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' performance.

Check out the moment happen in the video above.