New Spice Girls movie confirmed, and all five Spice Girls will be involved

goss 13/06/2019

Stop right now! There is a new Spice Girls movie, set for release in 2020 and it has been reported that all five Spice Girls are “very involved.”

The movie in the works is said to be an animated film,  with each member playing a superhero version of her Spice Girl alter ego—complete, of course, with her own individual “girl power.”

Paramount Animation president Mireille Soria revealed that the Spice Girls “had an idea that we’ve been developing,” and that the movie would feature the group’s classic hits as well as new songs. All five Girls will voice their characters…yes, even Victoria Beckham.

This will be the second film the Spice Girls have given us, with the last one being 1997's iconic Spice World film.