The Spice Girls may be extending their tour to downunder

goss 07/06/2019

There's a chance the Spice Girls could be heading Downunder.

The iconic 90s group is currently on a reunion tour of the UK, minus band member Victoria Beckham. They're performing 13 shows in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales - and now there's speculation Australia could be added to the list.

7 News reports some "key Australian media people" have been flown to the UK to interview the band under mysterious circumstances.

"They have not been told on what premise they're going to interview the Spice Girls," reporter Peter Ford said.

"They've said, you'll be told later what this is about."

Because there's no sign of new music to promote, rumours are swirling that an Australian tour is on the cards.

And if they're going to be in this part of the world anyway, why wouldn't the group hop over the ditch and add a New Zealand date to their tour?

Ever since the Spice Girls announced their reunion shows in 2018, there have been whispers of a trip to Aotearoa.

In June last year Eden Park published a cryptic Instagram post that seemed to hint that the band would be performing at the Auckland venue. However the post was later updated to read "Imagine if this was possible...this is the type of event we'd like to deliver for the local community in future."