Bindi Irwin and her new fiance say they'd like to televise their wedding

goss 29/07/2019

Last week Bindi Irwin and her long time boyfriend Chandler Powell announced their engagement!

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight about their wedding plans, they said they'd be keen to share their wedding with the world by televising it!

The Irwin family currently host a show on Animal Planet called 'Crickey! It's The Irwins' - which could be the perfect place to broadcast their wedding.

"We are wrapping up filming of season two for the new show, which is wonderful." Bindi said.

"And Crikey! It's the Irwins has been so special for all of us. So yes, let's put it out there to Animal Planet. Should we do a wedding special?"

"The new show is coming out in the fall in the United States, so be sure to look out because we're going to have some engagement exclusives on the show," she continued. "And then maybe, following on from that, next year we can have the wedding included as well. That'll be pretty cool, wouldn't it?

"That'll be amazing. I love that idea," Chandler replied.

"We'll do that," Bindi assured.

The couple also spoke about where the wedding was likely to take place...

"The most important thing is getting married here at Australia Zoo because this is where I feel closest to Dad... But for me, at the heart of it all, I want to make sure that my Mum is there, my brother is there, and that it's a really close family event and we'll remember Dad, whether it's a clip that we play of Dad or something that just reminds us of him. But, you know, we'll plan it out perfectly."

So whenever the big day plays out, it sounds like we'll all be able to be involved in some way!