Gordon Ramsey dad-shamed over recent picture of him with his newborn

goss 02/07/2019

Gordon Ramsey has been the subject of some pretty savage dad-shaming after he posted a picture to Instagram of him out and about with his newborn, Oscar.

Oscar is the celebrity chef's fifth child with his wife Tana, and even though the snap is simply adorable, people couldn't help but jump into the comments and give Ramsey stick over how he was holding his child.

“That support is not ergonomic and the child's forehead position is not recommended. I advise you to change support for a more pleasant babywearing experience for both,” one commenter said.

“That harness is way to low and he should be facing towards you not away from you,” another person said.

Another commenter recommended Gordon look up the TICKS rules for safe babywearing, which details how the baby can be kept safe in carriers and slings.

According to TICKS, the carrier should be tight enough to hug the baby close to you, as any slack fabric will allow the baby to slump down and could hamper their breathing.

The person wearing the carrier should also be able to see the baby’s face by glancing gown and have the baby’s head close enough that you’re able to kiss the top of their head.

Gordon announced the arrival of baby Oscar back in April with a cute Instagram post.

"After 3 baftas and one Emmy... finally we have won an Oscar," Gordon wrote.