Hilary Duff mum-shamed after posting controversial photo

goss 05/07/2019

Disney Channel icon Hilary Duff has been the latest target of internet trolls and mum-shamers after she recently posted a photo of her daughter to her Instagram.

Within minutes of posting the image, many were quick to point out the earrings that were in her young daughters ears. Some went as far to accuse Hilary of child abuse, while others simply expressed their disgust.

One woman wrote: "I can't believe someone who seemed so screwed on pierced her babies ears, causing unnecessary pain that isn't for medical reasons done by a fully qualified medical professional is child abuse in my eyes, the risks are unreal and that throbbing pain in her ears no matter how happy and looked after your child is just isn't justified in my eyes," one wrote, while another added: "Just won an unfollow after seeing you pierced her ears, poor baby. Bye!"

Others tried to defend Hilary, writing: "Bunch of snowflakes on this post!!! Baby is fine and ear piercing is so far from abuse! But hey, lets promote mom shaming and online bullying from all the keyboard warriors. Go find something else to do. It does not effect your life, MOVE ON!"

"Children are being put in cages at our borders and this is where you put ur energy? Take up that child abuse cause instead of this one! Geez!"