Jason Momoa criticised by fans for 'letting himself go' and 'getting a dad-bod'

goss 09/07/2019

Actor Jason Momoa is probably best known for his roles in Game of Thrones and Aquaman. Aside from his acting credentials, the star is also known for his buff physique.

But now it seems the star is getting some heat online after fans accused him of 'letting himself go' - which is of course totally ridiculous!

A recent photo posted by US Weekly has lead to fans and critics body shaming the star online. The pic was taken while Jason was on holiday with his wife recently...

"OMG,what happened to the abs?" one person wrote.

"Been working on his dad belly!" another added.

"His middle is looking a little doughy... Just saying!" someone jabbed.

But not all the comments were negative, thankfully some people stuck up for Jason!

"Let the man be! He is human and has the right to gain or lose weight. At this point he is enjoying a vacation with his wife." 

We couldn't agree more - hopefully the internet trolls lay off the star so he can fully enjoy a well deserved break.