Kiwi bakery blasted online for their 'pathetic' ham sandwich

funny stuff 03/07/2019

A photo of a ham sandwich has been blasted by internet users all over the world.

The image which was shared into a Facebook group appeared to show how the bakery was trying to make the sandwich appear to be more full than it really was.

The sandwich cost a full $5, which most people can't believe!

The sandwich has been called 'disgraceful', 'a rip off', and 'terrible', while others called it 'cost savings at its best'.

"Very sneaky - place the strip at the front of the sandwich to give the impression the rest of the sandwich also has ham." one Facebook user wrote.

"Maybe someone was just having a bad day and was extremely tired." joked another.

How gutted would you be if you bought this from a store!? 😂

Source: DailyMail