Lady Gaga praised over 'Photoshop-free' face in new leaked campaign photos

goss 09/07/2019

Lady Gaga fans have been counting down the days until Gaga finally releases her long-awaited beauty line.

And after leaked photos from the campaign became available online, Lady Gaga has been praised by her fans by using photos that are relatively Photoshop free.

While it's not clear whether these images are the official publicity shots, fans couldn't get enough of the campaign, praising Gaga as a breath of fresh air in an industry which is often distorted by digital enhancement.

"I love how natural her skin is and how they haven't over edited it," wrote another.

"She sells cosmetics, not photoshop. Iconic," wrote one, while another said: "I'm actually surprised at how non-photoshopped these photos look. It's amazing. You've got every instagrammer and beauty brand making plastic dolls and then Gaga comes along with great makeup looks and appearing pretty realistic."