MasterChef judges deny their shock exit was 'all about money'

goss 25/07/2019

Earlier on this week the 3 MasterChef Australia judges (George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan & Matt Preston) announced their shock exit from the show after 11 years.

At the time a representative from Channel 10 said the exit happened because they had "not been able to reach a commercial agreement that was satisfactory to Matt, Gary and George."

Reports suggest the judges were after a 40% pay increase, which the network refused to pay.

But now one of the judges has spoken out about the claims their exit was driven by money.

"What a journey what an experience," Judge Gary wrote on his Instagram

"It was time to move on, have more free time to explore our own creativity,"

"It was never about the money and never will be about the money. We couldn’t agree on the term of the new contract for 2020 and season 12. Something we felt very strongly about."

Apparently the 3 judges have comitted to being a 'package deal' for whatever their next project ends up being, which some are speculating could be a show with Netflix.

Source: YahooLifestyle